About Us

Who said golf was boring...

If you're like us, buying a golf glove isn't the most enjoyable golf purchase you make. It's usually a case of turning up to the golf club, reaching into your bag and pulling out a dried up leather mess that looks like its been used to clean your car. So you head to the pro shop, try a few plain, boring gloves on and get it done as quickly as possible so you can make your tee time. 

But what if you actually enjoyed getting a new glove? What if it was something you looked forward to? Thats where Outta Bounds comes in!

Our Story...

A few of us were sitting in the 19th after our weekly round of golf and the conversation turned to golf equipment. We were discussing the new drivers, irons and putters on the market (and the cost of them!!!) which then lead on to golf fashion. There are hundreds of different colours and designs for trousers, polos, caps etc but why are there very few options for golf gloves? We decided that we were the ones to "shake up" the golf glove market. So Outta Bounds was born...


There's two reasons for the name:

1. We are all very average golfers and have lost hundreds, if not thousands of golf balls going OB! The name fits our level of golf.

2. We are not a "straight down the middle" brand! We are not afraid to push the limits and introduce different styles to the world of golf. Our designs are like nothing you will see on the golf market and are therefore very much "OUTTA BOUNDS" compared to current brands. 

Our aim and concept...

Outta Bounds was created with the aim to bring uniquenesss, convenience and attitude to the golf glove market without compromising quality......and we've done just that!

Convenience - Each month our subscribers receive a brand new, one off designed, Cabretta Leather Golf Glove through the post. No more making that last minute dash to the Pro Shop!

Uniqueness - Every month we produce a brand new, one off design. When we say "one off" we mean it! Once the end of the month comes, that design will officially be 'Outta Bounds' and no longer available. 

Attitude - Trust us, you won't see any other gloves on the market like ours! Our gloves are stylish, modern and demand attention. 

Quality - Outta Bounds Golf Gloves are made from both high quality synthetic and premium cabretta leather to offer both durability and feel. Combined with our Lycra Breathing System, to guarantee all day comfort.

Ready to go Outta Bounds?